Johnny Vazquez, of Mexican descent, is without a doubt one of the most sought after dancers in the Salsa Industry. Johnny, along with his Imperio Azteca, took the world by storm when he began his career over 15 years ago in Los Angeles. Considered one of the worlds best instructors and performers, he has been contracted to teach and perform at over 200 International events, world wide, including Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Famous for being the creator of the LA style salsa along with his famous brothers, Francisco and Luis Vazquez, he is a pioneer of the Salsa Industry and was crowned "The Prince of Salsa" by none other than Mr Eddie Torres, "The King of Salsa".

Johnny is known for his precise, clean and super fast style, his unforgettable performances and choreographies, not forgetting his overwhelming Charisma, contagious party spirit and super humble personality, that has led him to win three consecutive World Salsa Championship titles at the famous Mayan club of Los Angles, California. No one prior to now that has ever been able to match this record.

Johnny is also artistic director of the famous Johnny Vazquez Dance Company dedicated to the preparation of professional dancers for competitions and exhibitions worldwide. He also began his career as a talented singer, releasing her first album: Baila Rhumbero, which was sold out in the first month of release and Escandalo his second album another success!

Johnny Vazquez is more than a dancer, he is able to draw crowds around him wheather he is dancing, presenting, singing, animating and mich more


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