Vivian Parodi, dubbed in Peru early on as the "Peruvian Princess" was born and raised in Peru, with Italian influence from her Dad's side of the family. Vivian moved to USA about 11 years ago. Vivian has aspired to be an actress since age of 3. Vivian won first acting award at 11 years old at the theaters club in Lima, Peru and that “Acting Bug” never left her. Vivian has been dancing since the tender age of 3, she was known as "the dancing queen" in her home community. Vivian was nominated to be the “Dancing Star” at her school in Lima and won 2 awards for showmanship and partnership at her dance team in high school, from which she graduated at the age of 16. Shortly afterwards Vivian relocated to the United States with her Mother to reside first in Seattle, WA. .

While in Seattle, WA. Vivian started studying ballroom dancing. Vivian was such a prodigy, she later she began teaching ballroom dancing and even competing. She competed and won 3rd place, 2nd place and 5th place respectively at numerous competitions. While dancing was her love, Vivian had also developed the desire to act so she moved to Los Angeles to further her career as an actress. .

In 2015, Vivian was considered to participate in the formation of a girls group to be called DEVEE that veteran Record Industry Icon, Randy Jackson (Bruce Springsteen, Journey, American Idol) was forming, Vivian was considered for the character of “Bella”. Although the group concept didn’t fully materialize, Vivian didn’t stop and decided to focus on her career as a solo artist. After a 2 season role on “LimoMasters” in 2015 Vivian was approached by veteran entertainment consultant, Reggie Thomas and Hollywood Icon, Vincent Cirrincione who were looking for female artist to develop jointly. Vivian was immediately considered for the face of Veteran Celebrity Stylists Bernard Evans new Platinum Hair Care line as well as Martel Cognac, doing a featured spot with Andy Garcia in a commercial. Vivian further displays her “Brand Ambassador Abilities” as the current reigning “2016 Senorita Makita” for the giant Makita Tools company. Reggie saw the “Star” in Vivian early on and began the tutelage and development process with investments in recording and overall artist development which included recording with the notable , Grammy Winning Producer Patrick “Guitarboy” Hayes. .

Fast forward a year later now in 2016, Vivian and Reggie are fielding several offers from various recording opportunities soon to lock in and begin building her rising brand. Vivian Parodi is a “Star” and is coming into her own and primed and prepared to take the Latin pop world by the throat!! Vivian sings in Spanish as well as English and “Vivi” has a pure, beautiful tone!. Vivian speaks fluent English and Spanish as well as some Italian. Vivian “Vivi” Parodi is almost immediately compared to the incomparable Pop Icon, Jennifer “JLo” Lopez. Vivian draws this comparison honestly due to her stunning beauty, singing, dancing, and prolific acting ability. Vivi is a true “Triple Threat”.



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