DJ Marteau is a currently active dj in a different clubs of Rome. Appreciated for his versatility in the sound of the Caribbean World. He is in a phase of ascent in the field of International congresses. With a wide knowledge of music, varies his selections between Salsa from all part of the caribbean world, Bachata,Chachacha,Boogaloo, Mambo and Kizomba. Educated from a young age to appreciate music in all its forms, he studied from classical to the most modern electronic rhythms, never imposing limits. His motto : “Music has different ways of communication" He is active in more than 11 international festivals in Italy and Europe. Fascinated by the sound,could not do other, than start dancing Salsa Cubana,Portoricana and New York Bachata Dominicana, Sensual and Bachatango. This is the reason why his impeccable mix satisfy as the youngest dancers as the most exigent.

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