Eddie Torres, also known as the Mambo King, is one of the most famous Latin dancers in the world.

He was merely 12 years old when the idea of learning to dance Latin became an obsession. Going to all the clubs hanging out with all the good dancers was the way he learned. He was watching, imitating and asking. Slowly he started to learn the foundations of the dance.

His great passion for dancing was something Eddie wanted to share, and he therefore set up a shop as a dance teacher. With no concept of timing, technique or theory, his instruction consisted of rudimentary pointers: "You hear that accent? That means you break forward with the left foot and when you hear it again, you break back." This is known as dancing on two, Eddie would soon find out. According to Eddie's mentor, Tito Puente, that is why beat two is so popular, because it compliments the tumbao of the conga and the rhythm section.

Eddie Torres soon spend a lot of time learning the language of teaching and soon, he developed names for all of his steps providing a way of relating to students academically. Before Eddie Torres came along, no one had laid down concepts of structure and technique. He has trained thousands of Latin dancers, and his children's dance program in the Bronx teaches approximately three hundred children throughout the year.

The legendary Mambo King likes the saying “There are people dancing since they were born, and others born to dance”, and Eddie Torres is definitely born to dance. Today, he is famous all over the world for his way of dancing and teaching salsa.

Eddie's accomplishments include his many collaborations with the Tito Puente Orchestra, choreographing music videos for artists like Ruben Blades, Orquesta de la Luz, Tito Nieves, José Alberto El Canario, David Byrne, founding a dance company, dancing for the President George Bush, performing.at Carnegie Hall, the Apollo Theater, Madison Square Garden.



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