Wilmer Najarra Mora and Maria Del Carmen Moreno Torres both have their artistically background founded in Habana, Cuba.

Wilmer got educated Diploma of Bailarin Professor in 2000 from ENA (Escuela Nacional de Arte de la Habana) with a specilazation in Cuban Folklore. He also studied afro, rumba, classical dance, modern, contemporary and Spanish Dance.

Furthermore Wilmer has worked with several different groups and performed different shows worldwide.

Maria got educated Diploma of Bailarina in 2000 from Tropicana in la Habana.

She has studied classical dance, modern, contemporary, Cuban folklore and Spanish dance. After graduating she has worked in the ballet corps of the cabaret Tropicana and also on the show ”Macumba” in Habana.

In 2002, Wilmer and Maria came to Italy where they worked on the show ”El niño del Fuego”, of Marcello de Numana.

From 2006 they started to teach and perform at the big Latin events in Europe. Wilmer and Maria have been credited the Italian diploma of "Teacher of Dance" with specialty in Caribbean Dances recognized and released by the MIDA-teachers Italian Dances Sporting-association.

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