Andrea Arenas “Ace Fusion” born in Ponce, Puerto Rico came to the States 1995. Grew up in Brooklyn N.Y. In junior high school and high school always attended hip hop classes, Salsa, bachata and was introduced to Jazz. Always performed at school talent shows and always touched others heart with my charisma and way of connecting not only the music (but the crowd around me when dancing). Everyone in school/places ive been always known me as the dancing “Queen”.
Even after high school and joining the Marine Corps 2009, I continued my growth as social dancer and as a student to better what I’m most passionate about (Dancing). Social dancing is a way of life. My goal as a social dancer is to make the person dancing with me that they are the best dancer I have ever danced with. Everyone to me is an amazing dancer and any and every dance is what you make it.
To me the most important thing about dancing and progressing is all about learning history, and what makes up the music that you enjoy dancing too. Learning the instruments basic and Music origin is Key to musicality.
As I traveled the world and served in the service, I social danced In Japan, Africa, West Coast, Europe, and East coast.
In 2015 was certified as a bachata in instructor from the world wide known Dominican traditional bachateros Alex and Desiree.
Traveling and dancing has taken me on a beautiful Journey and will continue to serve and dance with people all over the world. Sharing is caring and if you have passion you must share it to touch all those around you. Inspire anyone and everyone by continuing to seek improvement and sharing all the knowledge that has been shared with me.
Bachateros who have inspired me and mentored me Edwin Ferreras, Carlos Cintas, Alex Morel, Kat Arias, Adam Taub, Ataca y Alemana, Tiguere Del Mambo, Jorjet, Samy el Magico and Bianca Derival.

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