The team consists of 5-7 female dance members which are all handpicked by Nina that is the founder and choreographer of the group.
My (Nina’s) idea, when making a choreography, is that it tells a story to the audience. It’s not just about making up steps or to look nice. It’s to give the movements a meaning to them! To me it’s very important that the show transcends so that whoever is watching will feel connected to us (the dancers). That’s why I have handpicked all the girls in my team, because each one of them has their own strong characters and personalities, which they also show when they are on stage!
My passion is Cuban salsa and timba and rumba, so consequently the main dancing style of Nina y Sus Timba Divas is that. But we also mix it up and blend in other styles like dance hall, feminine vibe, raggaeton and jazzfunk.
My team members are:
Moa Mackegård Josefin Lundqvist Ninna Räty Evelina Clayton Jenny Ekman Nina Rico Gomez (myself)


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