In these 17 years of career Tropical Gem Dance Company has performed all over the world, participating in the most important festivals, congresses and events. Among the many successes of Sosa, we recall those obtained at the world competition of SalsaOpen: in 2001 he won the third place at Puertorico and three years later he won the first place in Milan, flanked by its dance partner Alyra Lennox.

His artistic career reach its higher point when, in 2006, he choreographed and danced in the video of the song "Amor Imposible" by Milton Morales. In 2007, together with Marco Berretta (Flamboyan Dancers), he produced and choreographed the first Latin-American musical danced, performed and sung live: "Fantàsia". In the same year, he performed with a reduced formation of the Tropical Gem at the TV show "Talent1": and here he won the prize for the best choreography in the field of Latin American dance.

Two years later, thanks to the artistic collaboration with his friend, as well as teacher and pianist, Massimo Scalici, he records the first recording success with the title "Simplemente Fernando", of which he is the author of the lyrics and singer-performer.

Also on television Fernando Sosa is able to affirm his talent.
In 2004 he participated in the reality show "Big Brother", performing live in the choreography "Astro Salsa". In the same year, he performed alongside Aventura in some TV shows, including "CD Live", "Top of the Pops", "Festival di Sanremo" and "Festivalbar". In 2007 and 2008 she danced in some episodes of the program "Le Iene" and "Do you know the last one?".
Fernando's ambition and talent have no limits.

In 2008 he began his academic career, founding the dance school "SOSA ACADEMY DANCE SCHOOL" with TITO PETRONIO, which to date offers students and dancers the opportunity to train in Caribbean dance and many other dance disciplines.
Fernando has made his way of dancing a real style of dance, recognized today all over the world as "Sosa Style": a new style of Salsa based on the fusion of various techniques inspired in particular by Hip Hop and Afro . Strength, precision and speed in the execution of steps and movements characterize this innovative and unmistakable style.
After having produced more than seventy choreographies and three theatrical productions and collaborated with the leading exponents of the Caribbean world, in 2015 Fernando Sosa wrote the subject and the script of the film THE LATIN DREAM. In July 2016 he won the "Ultimate Latin Dance
Championship" world competition in Las Vegas, where he participated with his entire group in the "Mega Crew" category (16 items).
To date, in the international Salsa environment Fernando Sosa is considered by the public and colleagues a source of great inspiration and a dancer from whom he never ceases to take an example. "


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