As half Dominican and half Taiwanese, Susana has a strong passion for all latin dances. Susana is professionally trained for many years in various forms of dance, including Dominican Bachata, Salsa on1/on2, Samba and Hip Hop.

Her passion for latin dance has led her on the path of teaching and performing. Although she desires to present an elegant fusion of different latin dances, her dancing is known for being graceful as well as full of explosive energy.
For Susana dancing is much more than just making turns and moving the feets. Dancing without feeling the joy of moving the entire body to warm latin beats, is and will never be dancing.
It is this dancing philosophy that among other has gotten Susana the 1st place in the TV program bachata competition (Dancing Stars, Taiwan 2013) and her salsa performance appearance on the TV program (Step Up, Taiwan 2012).

Susana has also been teaching Dominican bachata at Taipei salsa festival in 2014 as well as performed a samba show

Being half Chilean and half Spanish, Walter brings the Latin spirit and charm to all his classes making them a lot of fun. Walter has been teaching different styles of dance, such as LA Salsa, Cuban Salsa and Dominican Bachata for the past 10 years. His classes are entertaining and appeal to those eager to learn challenging turn patterns with lots of styling and energy for both leader and follower as well as for those who enjoys a detailed breakdown of lead & follow techniques.

Walter will soon have you swaying your hips as you embrace your sensuality and get into the rhythm of salsa and Bachata. Come join him for his classes.


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